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Thank you for visiting our website and welcome РI believe CAREEM LANKA TRAVELS & TOURS (PVT) LTD (Subsidiary of Careem Lanka Group), started exactly 21 years ago with the mission of making the highest contribution to our Customers , employees and the society with correct and sustainable investments, has gathered together an exceptional team of dedicated managers and staff to administer your travel program.

Our principals have a commitment and philosophy that has not changed; our responsibility is two-fold:

  • To the traveler whose time, patience, and career rely on our efficiency, expertise, and creative faring
  • To your company, whose travel budget depends on CAREEM LANKA’s accountability, performance measurement, and cost savings

CAREEM LANKA TRAVELS & TOURS (PVT) LTD visionary outlook allows us to anticipate and design solutions to meet our client’s evolving needs.

In a time of mega agencies and franchise operations, CAREEM LANKA TRAVELS & TOURS (PVT) LTD, as a privately held company, provides a unique paradigm… global presence with hands on management providing cost solutions through technology and well-trained staff.

Let us demonstrate to you and your company how to lower your travel budget and increase your traveler’s level of satisfaction.

I am confident in fulfilling every aspect of your Travel /Pilligramage /manpower needs, to your immense satisfaction.

Best regards