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Bird Watching at Sinharaja World Heritage Site

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The Sinharaja Rain Forest in Sri Lanka, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1989, is an evergreen tropical lowland rainforest consisting of rolling terrain ranging from 300m to 1300m above sea level. It is situated towards Sri Lanka’s south west, gradually increasing in height towards the Morningside hills and covers an area of 11,250ha of forest land. The wide stretch of land as it increases in height presents a variety of natural environments and ideal ecosystems to a wide diversity of floral and faunal species which are mostly endemic to Sri Lanka.     Sinharaja is home to 95% of indigenous bird species of Sri Lanka which make bird watching in this rain forest as interesting as ever to both ornithologists and amateurs. This forest is famous for the presence of bird flocks consisting of mixed species that present an interesting and colourful sight to bird watchers. The red-faced malkoha, green-billed caucal, blue magpie and Sri Lankan spur fowl are a few of the endemic birds that can be sighted within this forest reserve. Within a single bird watching tour within Sinharaja, it is estimated that one would be able to sight a considerable number of bird species endemic to Sri Lanka.