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Embudu Village

Embudu Village Hotel

Our small island, about 45 minutes from Hulule, will give you everything you are looking for. Nice comfortable rooms, beautiful beaches, good restaurant, everything for a holiday you will never forget. After arriving one of our fast boats (a “Noor”) will be waiting for you in the harbor, and there is the your first surprise; the sea is really blue, just like you saw in the brochure!


Once on board of one of the “Noors” sit down and relax. Leaving the harbor and on the way to Embudu you will see Male, the capital, with the gold plated roof of the mosque. And if, you are lucky, dolphins will accompany you on the way to Embudu. The first island you see isn’t Embudu Village but Taj Exotica. The Noor will pass Taj Exotica and you will have Embudu Village in full few within seconds. When you set foot on the jetty you will be accompanied to the reception, don’t worry about your luggage, the crew will bring it to the reception. Once you know you your room number they will carry it to your room. At the reception one of the waitresses welcomes you with warm cloth to freshen up. And after filling in the forms, walk to your room, unpack and start enjoying your stay on Embudu Village.


After unpacking sit down outside and enjoy the view, the lovely sun and of course the blue sea is just what you need after a long travel. Change into your bathing suit and “try” the water, next surprise, it isn’t as cold as you are used to at home. Normally the temperature of the water will be about 28 Celsius. If you haven’t been to these regions before, don’t run away, you can see the fish right next to you. Some people feed them, please don’t. Fish aren’t used to human food. A beautiful lagoon surrounds Embudu. Starting at the beach and in some places it’s over a 100 meters before you reach our spectacular house reef. Especially at low tide you can walk at knee high to the reef. Try it and enjoy the sun on your back and the fishes will accompany you. Once at the reef, PLEASE do not stand on it.


The reef is not just a “stone” you can stand on. The reef is alive and every time some one is standing on it, you will kill it! In the evening our new bar is the place to be. Sit down relax, have a nice chat and enjoy the evening. The waitresses serve delicious cocktails and we also serve several drafts of beer. Just the way you always wanted your holiday to be. And do not forget the visit the sun deck. If you are interested in snorkeling or scuba diving, contact the diving base, Diverland. One of the Diverland crew will tell you every thing you have to know about using the mask, fins, and the snorkel.


When you are a scuba diver check the diving spots on the map and check in for the orientation dive in the morning. There is an orientation dive almost every morning. Check in time 10.30. For those who didn’t bring their own equipment, Diverland Embudu also rents BCD’s, regulators etc. Every evening just before dinner the diving school announces where the boats trips will go the next day. In the morning and in the afternoon they are heading for one of the beautiful dive spots Embudu Village offers you Try to see at least once our famous the sunrise while you are on Embudu, and take your camera with our.Our sunsets are amazing, beautiful colours and amazing views. Sit down enjoy the sunset and simply switch off. This is the holiday you wanted. And don’t forget the go to the jetty to see our spectacular sunsets.



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