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  1. How fit do I need to be for this tour? Is this trip for me? This tour is suitable for any kind of person, no previous experience is required.


  1. Will somebody come to pick me up at the Airport upon my arrival?Yes, our airport representative will be there to greet you at the airport. He will be displaying Sunny Ceylon Travels sign-board. Upon arrival, you will be transferred to your hotel.
  2. What sort of accommodation can I expect in in this tour?We provide wide range of hotels from Villas to Boutique, 2 star to 5 star hotel accommodations for the entire trip. The hotels offer the facilities of attached bathrooms, dining room, a bar, Internet services, hot shower and so forth.


  1. What sort of food can I expect in the tour? All the restaurants that we dine at cater for Continental, Chinese, Mexican, American based cuisine with some local influences, always plenty to choose from.


  1. What mode of transportation do you use? We use comfortable and reliable Japanese Toyota SUVs, vans or micro-buses to transport our guests. These light-weight vehicles are maneuverable in the narrow roads of Sri Lanka. You will have a vehicle, a guide and a licensed driver at your disposal at all times. We use our own Fleet service for Transportation


  1. What is the best season for this trip? The best season for this Tour is anytime between April to October



  1. What are the weather and the temperature like? Unlike many other Asian destinations, Sri Lanka can lay genuine claim to being a year-round holiday destination. You just have to know which side of the island to focus on in any given month, and this is never more important than when planning your beach destination. Unquestionably, the starting point when planning your trip in Sri Lanka understands the two monsoon seasons.The south-western monsoon brings rain to the south-west of Sri Lanka between May and September, while the dry season in this region runs from December to March. In the north and eastern coastal regions of the country, the weather is influenced by the north-eastern monsoon, which brings wind and rain between October and January, and dryer weather between May and September.



  1. Is the Sunny Ceylon Travels a member of the tour & travel agencies association in Sri Lanka? Yes. In fact, our company is the active member of Sri Lanka Tour and Travel Agencies Association.


  1. Do your guides have Tour guide certificates from the Sri Lanka Tourism Board? Yes, they have all received 06 months diploma training from the Tourism board in Sri Lanka.


  1. Is there a minimum and a maximum number for your groups? We cater to all group sizes, while maintaining the field staff ratio to give you the best quality and experience.


  1. Do we book our own international flights to and from Sri Lanka? Yes, you need to book your own International flights. We are a local agent and it would cost you significantly higher to book through us. But we can assist you with our quotation too.


  1. Will it be possible to get any clothes washed or Laundry? Laundry service is easily available at your hotel and there are many laundry store in the Colombo. Please note that laundry service is not included in the package price.


  1. Can I charge my digital camera or other equipment on my trip? These facilities are available in all the places in your hotel. Remember to bring your adapters!


  1. Is there any communication while we are on tour? There are telephones and Internet facilities available so you can always stay in contact with your family.


  1. Can I use credit cards in the places I visit? ATMs are available in island wide. Major credit cards are accepted in all places but you need to pay 4% extra as bank levy, which might make cash more preferable.


  1. How much additional money do I need per day? It depends on your spending habits. We estimate USD 30 to 50 a day will be enough to buy lunch, dinner, chocolates and a few drinks.


  1. Do I need to tip my guide and driver? How much would that be?Tips are always expected. It is a small gesture of thanks to the field staff towards the end of the tour USD 20 per guide and USD 10 per driver per day is recommended per group, but it is entirely up to your wishes


  1. Is the water fine to drink? Do I need to bring purifying tablets/filter? Bottled water is available in all places. If you wish to drink normal water, you are suggested to use purifying aid, which you need to bring with you.


  1. Are the Sunny Ceylon Travel’s staff insured? Our company insures all our staff members, including guides


  1. What essential documents do I need to bring with me on tours? Here are some documents that you will need to carry with you:


  • Valid Passport – must be valid for up to 6 months after you return from your tour, keep a separate photocopy.


  • Travel insurance, keep a separate photocopy


  • Cash and Traveller’s Cheques, keep numbers and proof of purchase separately


  • Flight tickets


  • Emergency contact numbers for T/C’s, banks, insurance, family contacts.


  1. Can I add extra days to my trip? A holiday should never be about making it to the final point quickly. Along your trek we can add days at your request with additional costs to cover guides, porters, accommodation and food.


  1. I would you like to extend my holiday, any recommendations? Yes, there are a plenty of options and choices to extend your holiday before or after your main trip. Please go into our trip extension page for further information.


  1. What immunizations will I need? No vaccinations are compulsory for travelling in Sri Lanka, but we do recommend you are covered for diphtheria & TB, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, typhoid, polio and tetanus.


We also recommend


  • A dental check-up prior to travelling.


  • That you know your blood group in case of emergency.


  • If you have any pre-existing medical conditions which might affect you on tour, you make these known to your tour leader and Sunny Ceylon Travels at the time of your booking.