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Are you are looking for something else than the usual bus/walking tour? Our game is an interactive way how to get to know this beautiful city. Our quest combines fascinating historical facts, bizarre legends and stories in one game and takes participants through beautiful streets and places where they have to solve series of problems using their good team work, creativity, orientations skills, attention to details and time management.

The Treasure Hunt Colombo is an exciting way to discover Colombo. It is an intellectual and physical activity, an interesting game full of knowledge which will show you Colombo from different angle and keep your group entertained. 

What do we offer?

We offer you a fun team-building activity that takes place in the streets of one of the most beautiful cities in Asia. Colombo has a special magic, timeless history and some of the most beautiful architecture.

Of course we are always very flexible and happy to accommodate special requirements of our clients, but usually the game starts at pre-arranged place. This may happen in Galle face green, Independence Square, a Pub or a Restaurant in the town, at your company premises, hotel, etc. After an introduction your group will be divided into teams (either by yourselves or by our instructor) followed by explanation of the rules and all necessary information. The teams will be provided by an information pack in order to complete tasks.

Individual tasks are designed for teams to use their cartography and orientation skills, their creativity, and competitiveness. The teams will walk through the streets of Colombo, among the famous monuments as well as beautiful hidden places to solve series of problems and challenges, answer carefully prepared questions, take photos and perform various tasks during the event in the quickest time possible while competing with other teams within your group.

After completion of the hunt you will re-assemble and hand in all files to our professional guide for marking followed by a wrap up and awarding of the winners.


  • Meeting the group in the agreed place  (your hotel, restaurant, Independent Square etc ),  intro, giving instructions,  dividing into teams, handing out the kits (special maps and papers) (20 min)
  • Treasure hunt in the old town
  • Wrap-up at the agreed restaurant in the old town by our guides, awarding of the winners (30 min)
  • A lot of fun throughout the game

Excellent tool to:

  • Introduce new employees to the company and / or location
  • Introduce employees working together on a project
  • Emphasize team-building skills at a formal training session
  • Provide a break at a conference or convention
  • Reward a department for successful completion of a project
  • Acquaint participants with the history, geography and resources of a location
  • Enliven social gatherings and events

Why Treasure Hunt Colombo?

More than any other activity, this event focuses on many of fundamentals of company dynamics: team work, shared responsibilities, time management, communication, decision making, good leadership, creativity, delegation skills, motivation techniques and strategy planning. It is an excellence way for the foreigners to familiarize with the city as well as a great opportunity for locals to learn and discover more about Colombo.

Colombo is our specialty, and we can show you the city as you have never seen it before. Our professional team prepares the game in detail while taking into account various aspects so that we can always guarantee a professional service!

Have a look at table below, it is plain to see why this is such a popular corporate activity.

Comparison of different team building activities

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