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Kite Surfing in Sri Lanka

Kite Surfing

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Beginner or intermediate? Choose from either taking a full course or go by the hour to polish your skills!

Learn kite surfing with an AKI (Italian Kite surfing Association) certified school, where safety is priority. We are based on the beach of beautiful Kalpitiya lagoon with good wind conditions and safe surroundings for the beginner.

Upon booking of your course you will receive the Beginner’s manual and you will leave us with an AKI- kite boarder card indicating your skill level and recognized all over the world. We teach with helmets and WALKIE-TALKIES to insure safety and QUICK learning. You will never be alone in the water!


10 hours

Kite surfing location selection / Wind direction / Wind theory /Equipment and safety devices/ Trainer kite flying/ Communication and Safety / Rigging and de-rigging /Bar and lines setup / Kite handling, launch and landing/ Body dragging / The take-off.


Min. 2 hours/day

For riders wishing to improve their post-beginner skills by learning upwind riding, turning, jumping, self-rescue and more, we provide lessons by the hour.

Our Kite centre is located on a 100 metre wide strip of sand separating flat water of the Kalpitiya lagoon from the Indian Ocean. The Kalpitiya Lagoon is the most popular kite surfing lagoon in Sri Lanka. If you want to mingle with other kiters, share your moves and kite boarding adventures, blast around another fantastic kite spot then this is the place for you.  If you’re lucky, you might even bump into the biggest kite surfing names on the planet, as this is the mecca for equipment testers, thanks to consistent guaranteed Sri Lankan winds and proximity to the biggest kite manufacturing factories in the world.

This lagoon is suitable for intermediate riders and up as it gets to around 2.5/3 metres deep in the middle.  The scenario is again rich in nature, unpolluted water and great fun for the flat water lovers!

Kite trips

There are several small islets, reef and sandbanks on the North of the peninsula, between the Ocean and the lagoon, which present a perfect place for down winders and other kite trips, including camping on the desert islets.

Kite trips are organised on a weekly basis.  However we are able to be flexible to cater to your specific need as well. Prices can vary according to the location, the duration and your personal requests. The price includes the boat/vehicle transport (if necessary), food, drink and lodging (dependent on the duration of the trip).

THE BIG KAHUNA – This is large expanse of sheltered water between here and the mainland of Sri Lanka.

KAPALADI LAGOON – Kapaladi Lagoon is 15km South of KSL, it is a small lagoon offering flat water and space for around 15 kiters.

KSL HIDEAWAY – This spot is one of the best in the world. We travel by boat from Kalpitiya passing a peaceful landscape which separates the lagoon from the ocean.

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