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Kandyan Crown Hotel

Step inside the world of Kandyan Crown to skim the waters of royalty and witness the hospitality of unique Kandyan style with personalized service, gracious interiors and undisturbed peacefulness.


Kandy the last kingdom of Sri Lanka in the central foot-hills of the island is the home of Kandyan Crown hotel with the most beautiful panoramic view of overlooking Kandy.


We lie minutes from the Kandyan Kingdom, kissing the feet of the heavens surrounded by the misty hills and living like kings.


There is no place like home. But truly is as close as it gets with a combination of friendly staff, unimaginable comfort and unforgettable view.


We believe your stay will truly be one of that you won’t forget.


Hotel Kandyan Crown offers elegantly furnished European style rooms designed especially to cater for the modern day traveler.

The hotel offers features such as Hot and cold water, telephone , Satellite TV in rooms.

Stay in Kandyan Crown Hotel to feel at home in an European ambience with traditional Kandyan hospitality and be treated in royal style.