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Hot Air Balloon

As the multi-coloured hot-air balloon drifts silently above the forest, adventure takes on a whole new meaning.

Startled by the noise of a sudden burst of gas keeping the balloon aloft, a couple of peacocks take flight directly below the balloon’s basket, their outrageously long iridescent blue and emerald tail feathers streaming behind like a psychedelic jet stream. Several deer dart nervously across a clearing below, but the small herd of elephants continues feeding, utterly unfazed by this aerial intruder.

Balloons that travel with the wind, make for one of the most surreal and tranquil sensations of flight. Following the initial adrenaline rush of the take-off, one could settle down to absorb the wonder of the colourful earth below.

Heritance Kandalama Hotel

Perched on the edge of a cliff, this award-winning property offers a stylish commune with nature only 15 minutes from Dambulla Town. Set amid extensive landscaped gardens and surrounded by verdant wilderness, Kandemala Hotel is perfectly situated for exploring Sri Lanka’s Cultural Triangle. Two of the country’s most famous historical sites – the Dambulla rock temple and the Sigiriya rock temple – are located close to hotel grounds, as is the resplendent Kandemala Lake, accessible by foot or on horseback. Rooms in this hotel are contemporary and minimal and guests can enjoy vast, undisturbed views of the forest from their private balconies. Recreation facilities include an infinity pool, and a spa to release your stress while you vacation in style in Sri Lanka.