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Aditya Resort

The Seduction Of The Soul
Aditya, open since 2006, has won renown as one of Sri Lanka’s finest and most distinctive boutique hotels. We strive to provide the utmost in discreet personalized service, a tastefully luxurious environment, and an exquisitely private beachside location.

We have only 12 suites in all – six Shanthi Suites (private garden), five Sagara Suites (ocean vista), and the Surya Grand Suite. Each suite is uniquely decorated with exotic art and antiques. All feature a lavish of amenities, including a private plunge pool.
The Aditya Experience
At Aditya, you are unencumbered by orthodox conventions. We want to pamper & invigorate you. There are no fixed meal times – you may dine whenever you wish. Meals can be custom prepared by our master chef, and a table can be set anywhere, including the beach.

Relax & rejuvenate yourself with an invigorating spa treatments in the privacy of your own suite – a specialty of the hotel – or if you prefer at our Garden Spa. Choose from a menu filled with a refreshingly different selection. Or you can enjoy the use of our gym equipment, a purifying Yoga session in the clean sea air, and a library well-stocked with books and movies.

The historic fort city of Galle, The magical madu gaga (River) and The surf & coral of Hikkaduwa are a stones throw away. And between November to March we’ll help you get aquainted with some Whales & Dolphins at Mirrissa. We could even try & teach you to climb a coconut tree the Sri Lankan way.
The Aditya Commitment
Aditya is designed and run to minimize impact on the environment while maintaining the highest standards of comfort and quality.

Since our inception, we have played an important role in our surrounding rural community. The vast majority of our staff is drawn from the neighbouring villages. We source most of our produce requirements locally. We also make regular contributions to community development activities.

One of the best ways to enhance a holiday experience is to make a difference. If you would like a deeper understanding of the land and people, and to play some role in their upliftment during your stay here, we at Aditya would be happy to help.
Aditya puts you at the heart of a fascinating corner of the island. A fantastic variety of experiences is just a short drive away.

So it’s the middle of a still moonlit night, and you’re on a deserted stretch of tropical beach with your partner. What would you be doing? Why, watching hundreds of turtle hatchlings struggling across the sands to meet their watery destiny of course.

Hours later, you’re in the heart a 15th century fort, the air and architecture thick with golden-age ghosts of Arab traders, Portuguese adventurers, Dutch mercantilists and gin-soaked English cads. And naturally, you’re making your way to a museum of 1970s kitsch.

By day, you are meditating amidst the timeless serenity of a village temple. By night you are gyrating to the sounds of 21st century techno at a beachside club. And did you have a little too much of the local stuff, or is there really a baby elephant on the dancefloor