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Whales & Dolphins Watching (seasonal)

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Whales and Dolphins watching is done in Sri Lanka off Dondra in the south coast, Kalpitiya in the west coast and Trincomalee in the east coast. In fact, large scale whale watching commenced almost three decades ago and was a lucrative past time off the coast of Trincomalee where whales and dolphins move closer to the coast during certain parts of the year. Whale watching is done during the times of the year when the sea is not rough. This is a recreation that is gaining importance in the south in Dondra where both blue whales and sperm whales can be sighted by viewers. In Kalpitiya, one can mostly sight dolphins in large numbers freely moving and playing in the water and this being a fishing area, the dolphins are quite used to humans moving around in boats all the time and do not shy away when sighted. To those interested in whale and dolphin watching as a past time, there are these three locations off the coast of Sri Lanka, which is a luxury for a small island such as Sri Lanka. It only takes one to join in a boat trip out into the ocean through any of these three locations