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Yala Safari Game Drive

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Yala National Park situated on the south east coast of Sri Lanka is 309km from Colombo along the coast line. Yala contains different habitats such as jungles, scrublands, inland freshwater lakes, lagoons, a wide and generous stretch of the beach and even rivers, all giving rise to wide biodiversity. As a result, one finds wild elephants and other animals such as leopards, wild boar, deer, gray languor, crocodiles and peacocks and other birds, all in their natural habitats. Yala is considered the best place in the world to watch leopards in their natural habitat.

One needs to spend two to three days leisurely to view and enjoy the entire park. Tours through the Yala sanctuary are generally made in open jeeps and elephant tracks and leopard tracks within the park are known to tour guides. Apart from enjoying wild life, one can enjoy the vast beach stretch along the deep blue sea that makes a beautiful and relaxing sight for the visitors. As the park is bounded along the south by the coastline, once the visitors reach the beach, they can freely enjoy the open beach, the sand dunes, the natural bays and the mangroves that line the lagoons. Those wishing to visit the Yala sanctuary need to note that it is closed in September and October